Favorite Thing: Bag Organizer That Turns Any Bag Into A Diaper Bag

When I was about 25+ up on the scale and about 7 months pregnant with my first kid, my sister and I went shopping for diaper bags.  (She was also pregnant. We actually had our sons 22 hours apart and were on the news!  Must have been a really slow news week because we kind of went viral!  You can read all about about our 15 mins of fame here.)

Anyway, we both spent way to much money on a diaper bag from the Kate Spade outlet.  It’s really cute, but just not functional, not big enough, no place to store full bottles….

I found this purse/diaper bag organizer on Amazon for less than $20. It turns any big bag or purse into a diaper bag and it’s so easy to find everything.  I also brought one for the bottom of the Double Bob Stroller.  It’s life-changing!



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