Holiday Sing Along And Instrument Touch & Learn With Children’s Music Express

Preschoolers need to touch EVERYTHING.  When walking to the playground,  I often turn around to find my three year old holding a neighbor’s trashcan lid, 5 sticks, two “pineapple cones” (pinecones), a dirty Wawa coffee cup he found on the street, and fingers black from running his hands along parked cars.  I’m just waiting for the day I find him picking up chewed pieces of gum a la Buddy The Elf.  (Dear Lord, please no.)

Here’s a kiddie event perfect for Buddy The Elf or any preschooler who needs to touch while they learn, and they all do!  A holiday sing-along and a chance to touch and play with over 16 really amazing instruments. Children’s Music Express, an early childhood music enrichment program that combines Music, Movement & Mindfulness in parent & child classes for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in Chestnut Hill, Abington and Huntingdon Valley, is hosting a holiday sing-along with an “instrument petting zoo” on Sunday, December 10th from 3PM-4PM in Huntingdon Valley.  (Complete event info and location can be found here.) During the first half of the event, children can touch, learn and play with various instruments, for example: guitars, mandolin, octive mandolin, banjo, electric bass, upright bass, violins, ukulele, auto harp, a dulcimer Appalachian, washboard, African Djimbe, rainsticks, keyboard, and a harmonium. The second half of the event will be a a music and movement class featuring singing, dancing and a holiday sing along, with fun takes on classic favorites, like “Jungle Bells.”

This event is geared for babies and children from infant to age 5 and starts at 3PM.  (Perfect post-nap and pre-dinner activity on a supposed-to-be chilly Sunday.)

When talking to Tammy, owner and teacher at Children’s Music Express about this event (and her overall program at Children’s Music Express) she said, “This program is important to give children a fun outlet to explore, engage and experience the power of music, rhythm and song in mind, body and heart. It’s not only educational in helping kids develop musically, socially, physically and emotionally, but it also ignites within children inspiration to express themselves!”

The winter class session at Children’s Music Express starts the week of January, 8th and enrollment is open.  Visit the Children’s Music Express website for more info!


Children’s Music Express is a parent and child program offering interactive music, movement, and mindfulness classes for children! Our motto is… “Sing to the tune of your heart’s song.” ♥ Our vision is to inspire and nurture the bright light in your child and children all around the world. Our engaging curriculum, CDs and skilled, qualified early childhood music teachers will ignite your child’s inner fire and appreciation for music, movement and mindfulness! Kids and families will develop these skills through our fun and groovy sing-a-longs, dancing, large and small movement activities, exploring with sound, pitch and rhythm patterns, chanting, finger plays, instrument play and more!! Young children learn best through play, repetition, structure and the freedom to be expressive in the moment. Our environment is the perfect balance of structure and free flow play


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