How to Make a ‘Charlie Brown Christmas Tree’ of Gingerbread Houses

Here’s what you get when you impulse buy graham crackers, M&Ms, a tube of cookie icing and a box of candy canes from Target and aspire to make a perfectly Pinterest-y gingerbread house with your three year old. This is the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas Tree’ of gingerbread houses.

Here’s what I did wrong:

  • I brought ‘Target’ brand graham crackers.  The were very crumbly, more so than Honey Maid brand. This made it really difficult to shape the house walls. (I would also open the graham crackers and let them get a little stale (soft) before you try and cut them or break them apart into a house shape.) 
  • Icing: I brought cookie icing in a bottle and should have made a quick batch of thick royal icing using powder sugar and milk.  The cookie icing was so runny and took forever to dry so we couldn’t stick M&Ms to the roof, etc.  Here’s a recipe for icing that I found and should have used!
  • Build the frame of the house around something for support. A small half and half container, or a ball of crumpled up tinfoil would provide support for the graham crackers as your building the cube for the house.

All that being said, we did have fun building this mess.  Our three year got to practice some self-control by holding but NOT eating M&Ms as we decorated the house, and we practiced patterns… red M&M on the walkway to the house, then green, red then …. ________.  We killed an hour, kept the TV off, and (I think) made a memory.

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