About Us

Here we are, in all our glory. Two 30-something adults that still think they’re 25 trying to keep a three year old and 11 month old twins alive.

We’re living for 8:00pm, bedtime (and sometimes wine time.)  Until that magical hour occurs, we often find ourselves out and about with our pack: at a local farm, a library storytime, a zoo, a park, etc. We realized that there is so much going on for families in our town (and others close by) so we starting scouring local websites and putting all of these “kiddie events” on our calendar. We thought other parents and grandparents in our area may find this helpful: everything baby, toddler and kid in one place; a local calendar of events and a few random blogs which are the result of our constant “Googling.” (Sleep training, picky eating, activities to do indoors on rainy day with a toddler, favorite baby gear, etc!)

So this website was born. Hoping this makes life a little bit easier for our fellow, local parents.  And most importantly, helps gets you to 8:00pm.